We strive to be a resource for Eritrean youth, and provide innovative opportunities to help create vibrant and strong young leaders in the community.


In being a reliable resource to Eritrean youth, we can positively impact their journey in life and provide positive experiences to help achieve goals.  We believe in supporting Eritrean youth to reach their full potential by seeking innovative opportunities and help them explore and flourish.


  • Collaboration & Collaborative Leadership
  • Creative learning
  • Transparency
  • Excellence
  • Community-building


  • To create safe spaces for youth to convene and explore
  • To connect resources to community need
  • To provide innovative opportunities for youth to spearhead and participate in program design
  • To connect with like-minded mentors in the community to support goals
  • To support creative expression through various programs and initiatives
  • To explore cultural heritage in meaningful ways to strengthen pride and identity
  • To galvanize youth around pertinent issues to create positive change, and provide capacity-building opportunities to engage in community affairs and stakeholders