Project ELEL: Eritreans Learning and Empowering Leaders

Eritreans Learning and Empowering Leaders is an intergenerational project that engages Eritrean youth and parents in educational attainment programs and workshops. It supports the development of culturally based resources, training for parents to be informed advocates for their children’s education, and the development of an Eritrean Educators Network. This program seeks to provide youth with leadership and transferable life skills that will enable them to actively participate and excel in their communities (10 workshops across the span of 8 months). A retreat will allow 25 – 30 youth to be exposed to an intimate setting that will allow for peer to peer learning, and hopefully motivate them to participate with youth council and other initiative they may want to start within EYC. Our aim is that they can see opportunities for growth and learning with EYC and they can have a chance to learn firsthand from our team leaders and the experience of Youth Council.

Supported by the Laidlaw Foundation and the City of Toronto.