Project Menfes

An art-based project helping youth to explore their passions in the arts while creating relevant materials through hands-on workshops and expert mentorship guidance. The word Menfes, meaning to give life or a belief in something, was built with the following goals in mind; Increase awareness of the arts amongst Eritrean youth, build and nurture arts-based skills and to provide a safe outlet for youth to explore and be creative.

Over the course of the program, youth have the opportunity to explore, learn, build resources and create a body of work. Project Menfes will culminate into a conference where all materials created throughout the program will be showcased and new ideas explored. The conference is scheduled for September 15, 2012 in Toronto.

Supported by: Laidlaw Foundation

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Get YOURS! Youth Summit


On September 15, 2012, EYC hosted our Get YOURS! Youth Summit geared to inspire youth to focus on success building and provide them  with the tools to help them with the journey! Our vision for the Summit was to provide youth with the basic tools of how to shape their path, and introduce them to the options that exist for them. We want Eritrean youth to recognize their limitless potential, dream big and wildly and learn how to develop a plan for their dreams.


-          Obtain an understanding of the diverse paths to success

-          Importance of goal planning, exploring, mentorship, networking

-          Resources that exist to support growth and development

-          Links to current opportunities (educational and recreational)

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