Project S.E.M.A.Y (Sharing Experiences and Motivating Artistic Youth) will act as a space for youth to learn, increase confidence and share their stories and passion through film while addressing the social issues they face daily in Toronto. The Project Coordinator for SEMAY will work closely with the Operations Manager in advancing EYC’s mission and vision through the SEMAY Project. The aim of the project is to help youth explore and learn new skills in the following areas; video film production, story development, script writing, set design, film and sound editing, marketing and promotions. The Project Coordinator will create the project content, outreach to program participants, build relationships within the film industry to ultimately create a storytelling film series.

Supported by ArtReach Toronto.

If you are interested in joining the project please contact our project coordinator Khaled Gheddai via email: eyc.semay@gmail.com



Upcoming and Completed Workshops

  1. Intro to Film Production: Completed (Giruim)
  2. Video Production: April 14 (Kate Fraser)
  3. Story Board: May 18 (Ron Hobbs)
  4. Script/ Screen Writing: May 12 (Alison Duke)  
  5. Editing: June 30 (Peter Tsegaye)
  6. Music and Film (July 7) 
  7. Marketing/ Promotions (July 14) 
  8. Intro to Acting