EYC’s Anthology **EXTENDED DEADLINE: APRIL 3, 2013**


 Interested in participating in EYC’s first Anthology? 

Do you sketch, paint, write amazing stories, sing or write songs, capture amazing moments through photography?  This is for YOU! EYC is putting together a collection of Eritrean creativity in our very first Anthology. Anthology is defined as a published collection of poems, songs and other pieces of work. Participate in A Collection of Eritrean Creativity. As part of our successful Project Menfes program EYC invites all Eritreans from across the globe to submit their work to be compiled and published in an Anthology. EYC’s Anthology is an amazing opportunity for Eritrean youth between the ages of (13-34) to showcase their artistic creativity with the broader Eritrean Diasporic community. We are looking for creative pieces which describe your artistic desires and experiences, with a focus on: Inspiration, Unity, Identity, Community Building and Non-Partisanship

**Also, if the work you submit is selected for the collection, you will receive a free copy of the Anthology and your work will be entered into a contest where the winner will receive a prize from EYC! All submissions are welcomed, please send to

Deadline: March 25, 2013. For more information and details – please contact Winta Tesfai – 647.741.0235 –

Please share this will all your networks and family members!

Thank you!


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